The Telegraph’s 20 Most Creative Florists List

Jul 13, 2016 | Journal

We were very happy to be included in the Telegraph’s 20 most creative florists!

I think this is the most beautifully written article that we have ever been featured in- the introduction actually moved me to tears!

See the full list here or read our snippet below:

“Soon it may be as unusual to fill your house with sweet peas in January as it is to feast on strawberries. A growing trend among florists for cultivating and gathering flowers and foliage used in their work is inspired not only by a desire to reduce the carbon footprint, but by the trend for the sort of fresh-as-a-daisy arrangements that hint more at the hedgerow than the refrigerated truck.

This new crowd of fabulously floral women – it’s almost all women – are the natural inheritors of the innovative tradition of Constance Spry. Many of them are self-taught florists, with backgrounds in fine art, textiles, fashion or architecture. They see flowers simply as a living, photosynthesising means of artistic expression.

Their work is about as far away from tortured pyramids of imported, scentless blooms as it’s possible to get. Full of life, scent and exquisite fragility, their arrangements live in the memory long after the flowers themselves have faded.

Sweet Pea Flowers

London  Marianne Johnson’s sophisticated arrangements can be found adorning everything from chic weddings at Claridge’s, to more laid back affairs in private gardens and pubs. Her Instagram feed is filled with walks with her dog Flo – this most urban of florists is certainly inspired by nature, sourcing English flowers and foliage whenever she can. Weddings; bouquets; classes; nationwide delivery.
Favourites at the moment
: Coral peonies, on their own, so you can really enjoy their silky petals and bright yellow stamens.Contact: Sweet Pea Flowers; 0203 095 9774
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